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Career zone staffing solution was found in the year 2010, being in the business for more than a decade we excel in placement strategies. We act as a catalyst to change your company’s ideas and dreams into tangible results. We are a team of experienced HR professionals and people who expertise in the field of placements in multinational corporations. We recruit numerous professionals across the globe by nullifying geographical barriers. We own an exclusive recruitment program that is specially designed to channelise candidates according to your expectations and requirements.

At career zone we provide a comprehensive suite of services that will help our clients save their time and effort in finding the right candidates. Before we consider a candidate for a particular job we analyse their skills and experience and the field of expertise in and out and then find out their interests and capabilities to meet out the exact needs of the client’s expectations.

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The organisations that come to us not just trust us on the workforce we provide they also believe in the candidates capabilities and abilities thus we understand our responsibility and try our best to work towards the satisfaction of the clients. This unique reason attracts many organisations flood towards us.

Career Zone staffing solutions provide opportunity to work in various multinational companies

Career Zone Our People

With the guidance from our industry-leading Patrons, our CEO, Ms Pallavi, leads the team of both young and experienced members to deliver the hassle-free hiring experience to the customers of all the domains across globe.


Revolutionizing the recruitment industry by impacting changes in the company’s business cycle with our impeccable overseas recruitment and staffing services.


Bridge the gap between talented candidates and overseas companies by creating a wide array of services to globally identify the best talent.

Our Service Includes

Pre-screening candidates, interview preparation, shortlisting resumes, overseas staffing, candidate profiling, interviewing, pre-employment background checks, cost effective recruitments, upgrade hiring quality, upgrade recruitment performance, channelise the right person to the appropriate job, candidate profiling, designing Job and it’s description, global placements irrespective of geographic barriers.

Each and every service undergoes rigorous quality checks. Enough inspection is done on the paperwork of the candidates and on the job description before placements. Our services are all done by experts who excel in the knowledge of workforce and trending job requirements. Each of our Service is overlooked by senior professionals to avoid any errors. our clients are given utmost ease and flexibility to improve friendly relationship between us and to cheer them up with success.

Pre-Screening Candidates
Interview Preparation
Shortlisting Resumes
Overseas Staffing

Pre-Screening candidates

  • Criminal history
  • Education verification
  • Employment verification
  • Credential check
  • Reference check
  • Personality assessment
  • Worker’s compensation history

Interview preparation

  • To create an attractive portfolio of the candidates passed work
  • Enhancing the quality of their experience and leadership
  • Conducting mock interviews to teach strategies to answer questions
  • allowing the candidate to research about the company and their ideologies
  • Moulding them to ace their skills and develop great references
  • Creating first impression along with an effective resume
  • Help to choose right career path

Shortlisting Resumes

 It is hard to choose the right person from the numerous applicants. Choosing a great shortlisting strategy makes it more easier to choose the right person without wasting time and energy. Innovative ways are used to shortlist resumes for the recruitment process, they Are

  • Automated shortlisting
  • Using algorithm as a recruitment shortlisting strategy
  • Analysing pre-hire assessment for shortlisting
  • Finding the match between job postings and candidate’s potential
  • Using keywords as filter
  • Filtering on requirements of the organisation and job description

Overseas staffing

  • Manage end to end recruitment process
  • Screening and assessing applicants based on qualifications
  • Proper communication between candidates and the companies
  • Working knowledge of the candidate is matched with the companies requirement
  • Salary of the candidate is made negotiable
  • Candidates from various different field is made available

Carriers zone offers best career options

We act as one of the leading firms to hire and get hired. Our network uses world-class process for filtering the need which favors our clients. Our knowledge on the labor market and our network of clients helps to understand the priorities of the client’s requirements and provide accordingly.

We invest our flexible time and uninterrupted interest to understand the clients business and their ideology. This helps us build unique relationship between the clients which makes them even happier after the outcome of results. Apart from many reasons explicit reasons to choose us our substantial network of candidates plays a vital role for organizations to approach us.

The need of the clients and the work requirements are well analyzed before considering the right candidate for the job. Our pre-screening of applicants helps us provide the best employee and makes sure the employee has the mentioned qualification, work experience, personality assessment and also checked for criminal history to make the clients trust the candidate with their abilities.

We work towards the satisfaction of both the employee and the organization, this is made possible by collectively putting the like minded people together and success becomes an easy target.

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